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Atlanta, Georgia can boast some of the most beautiful historic homes in the country. While they might look great on the outside, older homes come with a slew of problems – including worn, clogged, and corroded pipes. Replace your pipes before they cause problems! We can help with affordable repipe services from licensed plumbing experts.

We are a leading repipe plumber in Atlanta, Georgia and have replaced pipes in some of the city’s finest historic homes. Our licensed Class II Master plumbers are equipped with the latest tools for performing repipe services and we use only top-quality materials so your repipe can last through the generations.

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Problems that Can Occur from Old Pipes
You won’t always notice the signs that your pipes are worn out until it is too late. As the lining in galvanized steel pipes wears off, they will begin to form hairline cracks. The same goes with plastic pipes like polybutelyene, which will weaken and crack. Small amounts of water can escape from the hairline cracks and drip onto your joists, drywall, floors, and cause staining and other water damage – which may be invisible to you inside your walls. If these early cracks aren’t noticed, the pipes can suddenly fail and cause huge amounts of water to flood into your home. This is why we recommend that all homeowners have their pipes periodically inspected so pipe replacement can be done before major leaks or pipe bursts occur.

Another big problem which can occur from old pipes is that they can leach iron rust into your drinking water. You will notice this first in fixtures that you don’t use very often – such as when you turn on the guest bath and see reddish water coming out of the faucet. The rust gives the water an unpleasant taste and may cause health problems.

Understanding Your Repipe Options
Each home is different and we never will recommend the same cookie-cutter solution for everyone. When determining which approach to use for replacing the pipes in your home, we will look at these primary objectives:
• Disaster prevention – damaged pipes must be replaced before they cause water damage!
• Minimizing damage to your home – we find ways to replace pipes without having to gut your home to access pipes
• Improve functionality and home value – Have you wanted to add a new water line? Now is the time to do it. We look at how changes to your plumbing system can improve your life and the value of your home.

If you are already doing a remodel in your home, we will likely recommend that you replace all of the pipes completely while you have your walls open so you won’t have to cut them open at a later date. If a damaged pipe is hidden behind a beautiful wall, we will do our best to access it without cutting visible holes in the wall. With partial repipe services, we only replace the worst pipes and/or exposed pipes such as those in your basement.

We Are Master Plumbers!
In Georgia, all plumbers must be licensed in order to perform plumbing services. But not all licensed plumbers are the same. Our plumbers are Class II Master plumbers – the highest license available. Class II Master plumbers have at least 5 years of experience with plumbing, have proven their knowledge through examinations and service, and have further demonstrated their abilities with commercial and industrial plumbing. Only Class II Master plumbers are licensed to work on multi-family homes or larger structures.

Our staff at Atlanta Plumbing Experts isn’t just incredibly knowledgeable. We are friendly and courteous. You will feel good knowing that your pipes are in our capable hands!

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