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Clog Rooter Specialists

Don’t panic! Atlanta Plumbing Experts are here to get your drains clear. We have helped thousands of Atlanta residents and businesses remove all sorts of imaginable (and unimaginable!) clogs from their drains. No matter what you’ve got stuck in your drains or sewer, our plumbers will make sure it is removed properly and cleanly.

Our Clog Removal Services
• Toilet clogs
• Bath and shower clogs
• Kitchen clogs
• Laundry room clogs
• Basement clogs
• Sewer clogs
• Commercial clog removal

How Did That Get Down My Drain!?!
No matter how careful you are about keeping debris from getting down your drains, some things are inevitably going to slip by. In our years of service, our plumbers have pulled out foreign objects ranging from toys to lost socks. Sometimes, the clog isn’t from a single object. Grime, such as food particles, tissue, or laundry lint, can accumulate in the P traps of your drains and form into a big mass.

Tough clogs don’t go away by themselves! Pouring liquid drain cleaner down your drains may temporarily help the problem by eating away at some of the grime which makes up the clog, but the drain cleaner won’t break up the mass of the clog. Our Licensed Master Plumbers use professional methods to get rid of clogs. An auger (a plumbers snake, toilet auger, or rooter depending on the type of clog) will break apart the clog into pieces so they can be pushed out. Or the auger can be used to grab onto the clog so it can be pulled out and tossed in the trash where it belongs.

I Didn’t Know Tree Roots Could Grow in Sewer Mains!
A sewer clog is going to cause a nightmare with your drainage system. If you don’t get it cleared, then you are going to have some serious backup problems. The last thing you want is sewage water coming up into your home, so call us ASAP! There is no need to stress about sewer clogs. In Atlanta, most sewer clogs are caused because of tree roots that found their way into the sewer through small cracks in the sewer main. Tree roots love sewers because they are full of moisture and oxygen. The roots grow into a ball, which will just get bigger. Our Master Plumbers use powerful clog rooters to break up the obstruction. If necessary, we can patch the cracks in the sewer using slip lining and also give you advice on landscaping so no more tree roots get into your sewer.

Is It A Clog, or a Drain Problem?
Just a warning: what seems like a clog isn’t always a clog! You might think that something is stuck in your drains because water is flowing slowly. But, if the problem is also occurring in other drains and you’ve got old drain pipes, then the problem might be your drain pipes are coated with buildup (such as from scale, corrosion, and grease). You can’t use a drain snake on your entire drainage system – but you can get drain pipes clean with hydro jetting. Our high-pressure hydro jets are put through your entire drain system and scrub them clean. The process is quick and has other benefits, like prolonging the lifespan of your drain pipes.

We Are Master Plumbers!
In Georgia, all plumbers must be licensed in order to perform plumbing services. But not all licensed plumbers are the same. Our plumbers are Class II Master plumbers – the highest license available. Class II Master plumbers have at least 5 years of experience with plumbing, have proven their knowledge through examinations and service, and have further demonstrated their abilities with commercial and industrial plumbing. Only Class II Master plumbers are licensed to work on multi-family homes or larger structures.

Our staff at Atlanta Plumbing Experts isn’t just incredibly knowledgeable. We are friendly and courteous. You will feel good knowing that your drains are in our capable hands!

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