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The average American uses about 20 to 30 gallons of hot water per day. That is a lot of hot water your water heater must produce on a daily basis! Because of how much usage water heaters get, they are prone to breakdowns. We here at Atlanta Plumbing Experts have experience home water heater repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation.

Common Problems with Water Heaters
Water heaters are comprised of numerous parts, including gas or electric components which do the actual heating and plumbing components which funnel water in and out of the tank. Any of these elements can malfunction and lead to water heater problems. These are some of the most common problems with water heaters that we at Atlanta Plumbing Experts encounter:

• No hot water: Often because pilot or electricity is off, faulty electrical components, or faulty thermostats
• Scalding hot water: Usually due to a faulty thermostat
• Discolored water: Likely due to rusting elements inside tank
• Hot water has foul smell: Caused by bacterial growth in water heater
• Odd noises: Usually because of sediment buildup in water heater
• Leaks: Can be caused by numerous problems ranging from rust to overheating

In many cases, Atlanta Plumbing Experts can solve the problem with fast water heater repair. In other cases, it may be better to replace your water heater.

Signs You Need a New Water Heater
Residential water heaters are generally designed to last 10 to 15 years. If your water heater is near the end of its life, then it might not be worth it to do any repairs. Purchasing a new water heater might seem like a pricy investment but it can quickly pay off. Newer water heaters are much more efficient and you will immediately notice lower home electric or gas bills.

Save Money with Green Water Heating Options
Atlanta Plumbing Experts offers customers a unique program which can help them adapt green plumbing technologies in their home. Since water heaters are one of the biggest consumers of home energy, switching to eco-models can save you money along with reducing your carbon footprint. Some of the green water heater installation options we offer are:
• Solar water heaters
• Tankless water heaters
• Hot water recirculation systems

Tired of dealing with lukewarm water, constant water heater problems, and high utility bills? Call Atlanta Plumbing Experts today to find out how we can help with water heater repair and replacement services.