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Water Line Replacement/Additions

The average family uses about 400 gallons of water per day at home. All of this water must pass through your main water line before being funneled into your various pipes and fixtures. Over time, your water line will wear down. When this happens, you can experience problems like leaks or breaks. Atlanta Plumbing Experts offers a variety of water line replacement solutions to fit your budget and needs.

Signs of a Home Water Line Problem
If a water line leak or break occurs in your home water line, then you will likely notice these signs:
• Soggy spots in yard
• Mold growth on side of house or in basement
• Low water pressure
• Unusually high water bills

Water Line Replacement Options
With Atlanta Plumbing Experts, you never have to worry about unnecessary work being done because our plumbers use snake video cameras to locate the exact cause of the problem. If the problem is just a small leak or crack, we can often fix the problem by applying an epoxy to the area. No excavation is required. If the water line is damaged in many places, we might still be able to solve the problem with trenchless water line replacement. The way it works is that our expert Atlanta plumbers will thread a flexible pipe into the existing water line and seal off the ends.

If your water line is severely damaged or made of materials like lead, then we will need to completely replace it. This is a big job and unfortunately does require us to dig up your yard and possibly driveway. Atlanta Plumbing Experts always takes care to minimize the amount of damage to your property. We also promise to get the job done as swiftly as possible so you can get on with your life.

Call us today to find out what water line replacement solutions are available to you. We work on a fixed per-job rates so you never have to worry about unexpected costs.