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When properly installed and maintained, natural gas is a great addition to your home. It is more eco-friendly than electricity and oil, and is also cheaper. However, natural gas installation and repair is something which should be left to the experts. Atlanta Plumbing Experts is certified to help with your home and business gas line repairs and installations.

Gas Line Repair
If you have natural gas in your home, then you should educate yourself on how to recognize signs of a leak – such as smelling an odor like rotten eggs. If you suspect a leak, then immediately exit the premises and call your gas company and fire department. After they have given the all clear, you can call Atlanta Plumbing Experts to diagnose and fix the problem. In many cases, the problem is as simple as a loose connection or damage to the line. You can count on Atlanta Plumbing Experts to quickly solve the problem so your family stays safe.

Gas Line Installations
Whether you are installing a new gas system, putting in a new gas line, or need help hooking up a gas fixture, Atlanta Plumbing Experts can help. With our gas line services, you can feel confident that your system will work flawlessly. Don’t risk your family’s safety by trusting this job to anyone but the best! We can also help you obtain any required permits for the gas installation.

These are just some of the gas lines we can install:
• Gas stoves
• Gas grills
• Gas fireplaces
• Gas heaters
• Gas lamps
• Underground gas lines

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