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Garbage Disposal Repair/Replacement

A typical garbage disposal has over two dozen individual parts, all of which must be connected properly and in good working order for the garbage disposal to function. If you are experiencing problems with your garbage disposal or need help installing a new one, you can count on Atlanta Plumbing Experts to help.

Garbage Disposal Repair Services
The most common reasons that garbage disposals malfunction is because of:
• Jams in disposal
• Clogged drain pipe
• Wires become unattached
• Food stuck in parts
• Loose parts causing leaks

Atlanta Plumbing Experts will quickly diagnose the problem and take steps to fix it. We service all major and most minor brands of garbage disposals and often have the necessary parts on hand. You won’t have to wait around while we go shopping for the necessary replacement part!

Garbage Disposal Installation
Every year, thousands of people are injured by garbage disposals. Some of these are undoubtedly from do-it-yourselfers who attempted to install their own garbage disposal. Even when a garbage disposal is turned off, it can still be dangerous because of the sharp blades, so you should never put your hand down it.

To ensure your garbage disposal is correctly installed, call Atlanta Plumbing Experts. We charge a fair, fixed price for garbage disposal services so you don’t have to worry about high hourly costs. If you wish, we can also clean out your drains before the installation to help prevent problems in the future.

Call Atlanta Plumbing Experts today to find out how we can help you fix or replace your garbage disposal.