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Have a plumbing emergency? There is no reason to panic. Just follow some basic first-response steps and then call Atlanta Plumbing Experts for 24/7 emergency plumbing services. At all times of day and night, we are standing by to take care of the problem before it turns into a disaster.

What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency
Atlanta Plumbing Experts is ready to handle all types of plumbing emergencies, no matter how big or small. The most common emergency plumbing problems homeowners experience are leaks, clogged toilets, frozen pipes, and burst pipes. In these situations, it is very important that you take the right actions.

Leaking Pipes
Do: Turn off the main water valve. If possible, position a bucket under the leak to prevent water damage.
Don’t: Ignore the problem or try to fix it with methods like waterproof tape. The problem will just get worse and can lead to costly water damage to your property.

Clogged Toilets
Do: Try to plunge the toilet to remove the clog. If the toilet looks like it might overflow, remove anything in the vicinity (like bathroom mats) and put newspaper or rags on the floor to absorb the water.
Don’t: Pour drain cleaner chemicals down the toilet if it is completely clogged. They will just sit on top of the clog and corrode your pipes, leading to a bigger problem.

Frozen Pipes
Do: Open the faucets to allow water to circulate through a partially-frozen pipe. This will prevent further freezing and help unthaw the pipe. Call a plumber immediately to prevent pipe from bursting.
Don’t: Use excessive heat (like a hair dryer or torch) on a frozen pipe. The heat can cause the pipe to burst.

Burst Pipes
Do: Turn off main water valve and electricity. Immediately call a plumber. Move any furniture which is in path of the water. Stay away from electrical devices. If your basement is flooding, get out of the house.
Don’t: Do not put your property ahead of your safety. If there is leaking near electrical outlets or you smell gas, get out of the house immediately.

We Guarantee to Be There for You in Emergencies
You need a plumbing company in Atlanta that you can depend on in emergencies. Atlanta Plumbing Pros is proud to say that you can count on us no matter what plumbing emergency occurs. We guarantee that we will be able to help by promptly sending a certified plumber to your home or business in a fully-stocked truck. With the exception of jobs which may require excavation work or repiping, we can generally fix the problem immediately. If the plumbing emergency is a large job, we will do all in our power to solve the immediate problem until we can come back to tackle the root of the problem.

With fair prices and fast response, there is no need for your plumbing emergency to ruin your life or property! Call us now for immediate plumbing assistance.

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