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Drain clogs are one of the most common household plumbing problems. They can occur for a variety of reasons, such as a mischievous toddler throwing items into the toilet. In many cases though, drain clogs are a problem which gradually accrues. As you use your toilets, kitchen sinks, showers, etc., debris in the waste water clings to the sides of pipes. The debris attracts more debris until the opening in the pipe shrinks. You will notice that your water is draining slower. If not treated, the pipe will eventually completely close off and you’ll have to deal with problems like standing water and overflowing toilets.

Call in Atlanta Plumbing Experts to Get Your Drains Clean
Hundreds of homeowners and businesses in Georgia know they can count on Atlanta Plumbing Experts to remove clogs and keep their drains clean. We use the most advanced plumbing tools to diagnose drain clogs and then solve them quickly. With our drain video camera systems, we will be able to locate the exact location of clogs and even tell what type of materials they are made from.

For clogs which are contained at one spot (such as a big ball of sanitary products stuck in your toilet drain), drain snaking is generally the best remedy. Our professional snakes are capable of boring through even the toughest clogs. If your drains are coated in debris throughout, then we will probably recommend drain jetting. We will push a hose-like device down your drains. The device sprays pressurized water that clears anything in its path. Your drains will be left completely clean, which means there is less chance of clogs in the future.

Find out why Atlanta Plumbing Experts is the go-to plumbing company in Georgia for getting rid of clogs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.