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From shower drains to sewer mains, we know how to get your drains cleaned so they can get the yuck out of your home! Our plumbers get to the root of the problem (including tree roots!) with drain cameras and modern equipment which can remove even the worst stoppages from your drain pipes.

If you want friendly service from Licensed Class II Master plumbers, and all at affordable prices, then call Atlanta Plumbing Experts. We are here for you when you need it!
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Our Drain Cleaning Services

• Clog removal
• Water jetting
• Exhaust vent cleaning
• Sewer clog removal
• Toilet clogs
• Bath, shower, kitchen, laundry and basement drains
• Residential and commercial drain cleaning services

What is Inside Your Drain?
In the decades that we’ve been providing plumbing services in Atlanta, GA, we have pulled all sorts of things out of drain pipes – from lost socks to gobs of cooking grease. To date, there hasn’t been a drain problem too big for our plumbers to handle!

Drain problems aren’t just caused by foreign objects which manage to get down the drain pipes. Many of the drain problems we encounter in older and historic Georgia homes are due to simple wear-and-tear of the drain pipes. Even if your home is remodeled on the outside, those drain pipes might be older than your grandma! Like with granny, the pipes can use a bit of TLC.

Hard water, cooking grease, rust, and all sorts of other grime can easily build up on the insides of drain pipes. The buildup keeps on accumulating until your pipes are so narrow that normal waste water has a hard time getting through them. At this point, you will notice problems with all the drains in your home. The good news is that Atlanta Plumbing Experts has been solving drainage problems for decades. We take our powerful water jetters to your drains and scrub them so clean that it is like they are new again!

What’s that Smell?
Got a funky or downright foul smell coming from your drains? Often the bad smell is because the P trap on your drain has dried out and sewage fumes are coming into your home. The bad smell could be coming from a clog, which means it is time to have those drains cleaned! Another cause of bad smells from drains is that your drain vents have become obstructed. We once were called in because a lady was having “rotten” smells coming from her drains. Rotten doesn’t quite sum up how bad the smell was! Inspection showed that a raccoon had fallen down her bathroom drain vent! We cleaned the vent and the smell went away.

We Are Master Plumbers!
Not all plumbers are the same! In Georgia, there are different levels of plumbing licenses. When you choose Atlanta Plumbing Experts, you can rest assured that you are getting the most qualified plumbers in the state. We are Class II Master Plumbers, which means our plumbers have at least 5 years of experience with plumbing, have proven their knowledge through examinations and service, and have further demonstrated their abilities with commercial and industrial plumbing. Only Class II Master plumbers are licensed to work on multi-family homes or larger structures.

Our staff at Atlanta Plumbing Experts isn’t just incredibly knowledgeable. We are friendly and courteous. You will feel good knowing that your drains are in our capable hands!

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