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Drain Backups

When your drains start backing up with smelly, unsanitary sewer water, you need a plumbing company which will respond fast. Atlanta Plumbing Experts knows this, which is why we always have a team of licensed plumbing experts ready to respond to your calls. With our expertise, you can rest assured that the cause of the drain backup will be quickly diagnosed and solved.

Our Atlanta, George plumbers can help with:
• Basement drain backups
• Kitchen sink and dishwasher backups
• Bathroom sink, shower, and bathtub backups
• Laundry room backups
• Toilet backups
• Sewer backups

Fast Solutions for Drain Backups
Seeing foul water coming up out of your drains can be scary, but it is important that you don’t panic. In these cases, you will not want to dump any drain cleaning chemicals down the drain. The problem is likely far away from the drain which is overflowing. The chemicals won’t even make it to the clog and, if they do, they will likely be ineffective.

The reason that most homeowners experience drain backups is because they’ve got large clogs far down their drainage system. The clogs can impact multiple fixtures, like causing water to come out of your bathtub when you use the washing machine. To fix these drain backups, snaking or hydro jetting (flushing pipes with water at high pressures) is almost always necessary.

In some cases, our video inspection might reveal larger problems with your main drain line. In Atlanta, it is common for tree roots to grow into drain pipes and cause severe clogs. Corrosion can also cause clogs. We at Atlanta Plumbing Experts will work quickly to remove as much of the clog as possible. Then, if necessary, we can schedule an appointment for sewer line repair so you don’t have any backup or sewage problems in the future.

With Atlanta Plumbing Experts ready to help, there is no reason to let drain backups get you down. Call us today for fast, affordable, friendly services.