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Emergency Drain

Did you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, only to have foul-smelling water start flowing out of your bathtub? Or maybe your restaurant kitchen sinks simply won’t drain and the dinner rush is about to start. No matter how big or small your drain emergency is, you can count on Atlanta Plumbing Experts to arrive quickly and get the job done fast.

What Causes Drain Emergencies?
Many homeowners experience drain problems for long before they become emergencies. They notice signs of a clog, like that water is taking a long time to go down the drains or that bubbling occurs when flushing the toilet. By ignoring these signs, the problem is just likely to get worse until the partial clog becomes a full blockage. Water has nowhere to escape and you are left with unusable fixtures.

Drain emergencies can also come out of nowhere – especially when the sewer line is affected. Soil settling can cause sewer lines to shift out of place. Tree roots can invade sewer lines and close them off. Corrosion might have built up in the pipes so badly that waste cannot pass. If a sewer line problem is in question, then you will see strange reactions when you use the water, such as bathtubs backing up when you flush or air coming out of the toilet when you turn on the sink faucet.

Can’t You Just Use Drain Cleaner?
There are situations when drain cleaner has its place. This is when only one fixture is affected and water is still draining. By the time your drains have become so clogged that water won’t flow, drain cleaner will do no good. Those harsh chemicals can actually end up doing more harm than good because they can deteriorate pipes. For sewer line problems, drain cleaning chemicals are absolutely useless. Keep in mind that sewer lines are usually 4-6 inches wide. The drain cleaner will either flow out of the opening or sit on top of the massive obstruction which is clogging the pipe.

We Solve Drain Emergencies Fast!
For both residential and commercial drain cleaning emergencies, Atlanta Plumbing Experts is ready to help. We have teams of licensed, experienced Atlanta plumbers on call 24/7/365. Your call will be forwarded to one of them and they will immediately rush to your location in a truck stocked with tools, equipment, and parts.

Clogs are generally treated with snaking. Blocked sewer lines will usually need tougher methods, such as water jetting. With advanced tools like video inspection cameras to diagnose problems, you know that our Atlanta Plumbers will solve the problem fast.

Don’t put your life on hold because of clogs and backups. Call Atlanta Plumbing Experts anytime for emergency drain cleaning services.